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Crunching the Numbers on the ​Hodling Bull NFT

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All the NFT holders have already made more than $2,000 ​in rewards which is 10x from the purchase price.

Where the Rewards Come From?

We are proud to ​have over 72,000 ​Web3 investors and ​enthusiasts among ​our readers.

So, companies ​pay us to create ​and distribute ​content about ​their products.

We distribute a ​part of it as a ​reward among our ​users.

Just to name a few companies we’ve collaborated with

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Check the Testimonials of Our ​Current Users and NFT Holders

HodlingBull #1393 owner

A great way of learning in-depth crypto topics while earning very generous rewards after passing the quiz. i’ve made around 10x since launch, and keep making around 25% / month.

HodlingBull #1386 owner

It was my best NFT purchase of all 2022 & 2023 combined, have made a 10x on it and I'm still holding it, while simultaneously learning.

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For Whom That Works Best?

For investors searching for a sustainable, low-risk asset with a reasonable return on investment.

The rewards we pay to the holders are pegged to the actual revenue of the company, so our users get a % from every dollar that comes our company's way. We’ve been around for 1.5 years, worked with world-renowned companies such as Polygon, Gate.io and others, and have been delivering the juicy rewards to all of the holders since day one. On average, we deliver at least 120% ROI in rewards alone (so, the value of the NFT comes as an extra income in addition to that 120%).

For Web3 enthusiasts who love to learn about the market, explore new ideas and read high-quality research.

You will be able to enjoy all of that and as a ​cherry on top you’ll get paid for it. At the same ​time, we provide all of our users with some ​exclusive perks such as 1-on-1 consulting ​sessions with our experts regarding portfolio ​building, investment ideas and more. So, you ​learn, you earn and you get support anytime if ​you need it.

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Only 500 NFTs for sale in 2023

$50 in rewards every month (120% ROI / per year)

Exclusive access to Premium content (researches that our firm produces)

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